Getting started with I-DOSER (Downloading, utilisation and advices) - i-DOSER

Getting started with I-DOSER

1. Download I-DOSER software for free by clicking one of the two links below :

      Windows (2.04 MB)  ou  MAC (9.2 MB)

2. Get the DOSE of your choice on our website (left menu)

3. Launch the software with the downloaded DOSE and be prepared for the trip of your life !

To launch a DOSE on the software, you have to click on "Load doses" (on the bottom left), then choose the desired DOSE and finally click on "Play Queue" (on the bottom right). Don't forget to use a headset, it will help you feel the effects better.

I-DOSER, a legal drug using sound and without any risk

I-Doser is a software used to listen binaural beats sequences (called "Doses") who will alternate your brain waves in order to simulate sensations or different mental states.

LSD, Marijuana, Ecstasy, Orgasm or even Lucid dreams, there is no limits to what I-DOSER can recreate !

And most important : It's safe, legal, and you will not be broke at the end of the month !