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White Crosses

30 min   
Very Strong

White Crosses is a strange one. When the team that invented this dose showed it at our monthy dose meeting, it was greeted with a bunch of confused faces. Describe it, we said. OK. White Crosses is a simple stimulant that brings a sense of euphoria, openness, and intellectual expansion.

There can be a mild psychedelic component as the new user feels they see the world a little differently.

The sensation of mind-expansion and openness quickly fade after the first few uses and physical and mental stimulation dominate the experiential effects.

It is a hybrid designer dose for experienced users. Fine. When we put on the headphones, and White Crosses finished, we couldn't believe it.

This underground bastard-dose that has been talked about in the halls of I-Doser Labs turned out to blow the minds of everyone who tried it. THAT says a lot for White Crosses.

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